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IT Solutions

Office Networking

Share files and printer in your office. We provide professional office networking installation for small offices to big enterprise companies. Our skillful technicians can make stable connections between to computer to thousands of computers.

Our services are provided at a highly competitive price. Starting from RM120 per port, you are saving time and cost for the future.

Data Recovery

We understand that there are some data and information that are very valuable to your business. Should they be lost because of technical or human error, your business could be greatly affected. provides data recovery services to protect your business from unwanted data lost. Our skilled technicians can retrieve lost data to help your business up and running again in no time.*

*Please note that there are circumstances where it is not possible to retrieve lost data. Please use the form below tp contact us and explain in details how the data was lost and we will determine if data recovery is possible.


In the technologically advanced world, having skilled IT Support is a must have in a company. We can provide well-trained IT and Technical Support staff that will suit your company needs.

Give us a call and we will gladly drop by your office to help you find the right people for your business. If you are interested in our expertise, you may also consider a monthly contract with our company for a reasonable price.

We can provide you with experts in the following fields:

  • Office Networking
  • Server Management and Maintenance
  • Computer Supply and Services
  • Troubleshooting/Software installation
  • Software development
  • Consultation

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